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T-600G (Psychological Warfare Unit)

Production date: Unknown

The T-600G was an experimental variation of the T-600.  As the T-600s' camouflage proved to be inadequate, Sky-Net selected several T-600G androids to be taken apart and had their bodies physically re-worked around a strange electro-magnetic interference generator, which enabled them to disorient and frighten humans with magnetic and sound waves.  The T-600Gs were produced in very small numbers, perhaps fewer than 100, due to their possible possession of free-will and advanced intelligence (Sky-Net was paranoid about the possiblity of its autonomous creations turning on it).  Rather than attempt to disguise the T-600Gs conventionally Sky-Net instead gave them unusually large heads, and grotesquely long limbs, fingers, and micro-serated claws.


The T-600G, despite being of great size and conspicuously designed, moved silently and was issued a grim reaper like ballistic clothe made up of micro cellular machines that could duplicate the appearance of the environment around the T-600G, thus rendering it nearly invisible within a matter of seconds.  The T-600G was also quadra-dextrous and could hang itself by its feet / hands from rafters using its cloak to conceal itself while waiting passively to ambush humans.  In many ways this camouflage was as effective as that of the T-800.


Any design problems in the T-600 brain were largely corrected in the T-600G, mostly due to better inertial dampers in the new craniums.  The T-600Gs were given a huge database of scientific and behavioral information about humans and their cultures, for them to build upon with thier keen skills of observation and innate gift for analytical /  scientific thought.   This was for the purpose of learning how to conduct psychological warfare against humans.  The T-600Gs were conditioned by Sky-Net to be keenly discerning and sadistic.

The T-600G also had a greater degree of autonomy than other Sky-Net constructs and it is rumored that a handful of them were given free-will.  In any case when Sky-Net was destroyed, their programming was altered and any T-600Gs that did not already have free-will obtained it at that time.  Unfortunately, their personalities were a reflection of their creator.

The T-600G, being very clandestine and planful in nature, still posses a threat for resistance forces after the fall of Sky-Net.


The T-600G, with its elongated limbs, enhanced hydraulic assembly, added mass, and quadrodexterity was uniquely agile and stealthy among Terminators.   People generally didn't survive encounters with them unless the T-600G was using them to conduct some sort of behavioral experiment, in which case they would wish that they had not survived anyway.


The T-600G utilized a magnetic and sonic generator in its trunk that could disrupt human brain waves.  This would allow them to hack into great numbers of resistance soldiers with their claws and to sadistically torture and demoralize their victims without their enemies putting up much of a fight.  T-600Gs generally don't bother to carry conventional weaponry as it isn't necessary.