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T-70 (Autonomous Infantry Unit)

Production Date: Prototype only, prior 2004

At the time of its creation, the T-70 was a show-piece of CRS' (Cyberdyne) greatest technological achievements.  Its artificial intelligence and bipedal locomotion were unprecedented. These state-of-the-art prototypes were used to impress prospective investors and people interested in military contracts.  All of the principles of the T-70 design were later implemented by Sky-Net in its T-400 through T-900 Terminator series.

When Sky-Net actively started its military campaign against man it only had a handful of these experimental prototypes and it could not spare the resources to make more of them or other T-70 quality androids until it had more resources and factories. This forced Sky-Net to use cheaply constructed androids such as the anthropomorphic T-200 and the savage T-300.  Sky-Net considered its T-70 androids too precious to be used on the battle field.  The existing T-70s were used to guard important installations. By the time Sky-Net had the resources and space to begin producing serious Terminator warrior / infiltrates, many aspects of the T-70 design were outdated (such as their primitive CPU) and so they were never actually used by Sky-Net on a large scale. However, the principles of their battle chassis construction are seen in all of the Terminator series from T-400 through T-900.


The T-70 stood a conspicuous 8 feet tall and was 4 feet wide.  It wasn't designed for stealth or infiltration.  It was designed to be used on the battlefield as a soldier.


The CPU of the T-70 was only slightly more advanced than the T-100 or the T-200.  It could be controlled directly or set to autonomous mode.  It was incapable of learning.  Its combat subroutines were not very advanced although Sky-Net could upload more advanced programming to these androids later.


The body of the T-70 was much like that of the later Terminators such as the T-500 in terms of maneuverability and dexterity.  Physically it was capable of lifting several times its own weight and even a glancing blow from it would maim or kill a human.

However, its battle chassis was designed with ordinary materials and industrial metals, not with hyper alloy titanium.  It was not resistant to plasma phase weapons and heavy conventional artillery could damage it.  It was far more durable than at T-200 though.


Compared to later models this is a major short-coming of this unit.  It was armed with specially designed high velocity gattling guns, but could only carry so much ammunition.  It could be armed with light plasma phase weapons, but to do so its finger configuration had to be modified.


The T-70 had a primitive, reptilian like, artificial brain making it easy to outsmart.    It was not resistant to plasma phased weapons.


Intelligence: *
Camouflage: *
Maneuverability: ***
Endurance: **
Strength: ***
Weaponry: **