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Pictured above from left to right are: Perceptor and Shockwave.  Both possess phenomenal
intellects among thier race.

Note: all transformers are familiar with alien technology far in advance of what is experienced on Earth.  These ratings depict the individual's ability master knowledge, not the level of sophistication of the knowledge the individual has access too.

LEVEL 10++: Imeasurable.  Essentially omnipotent.
Primus  Unicron_

LEVEL 10+: Superhuman.  (Knowledge and comprehension beyond human ability 
to understand.) Such a being possesses an intellect allowing him or her
to master every worldly subject and giving him or her the ability to adopt
concepts completely foreign to his or her society or environment. 
Computron Shockwave_

LEVEL 10: Extraordinary genius. These individuals have intellects beyond what is normally 
experienced on Earth, with the ability to conceive concepts centuries beyond current conventions. 
Optimus Prime I, II Megatron / Galvatron*
Fortress Maximus Quintesson Leader
Perceptor Wierdwolf
Alpha Trion
Jetfire (Skyfire)

LEVEL 9.5: Genius. Such a being is a genius or has an intellect on par with an individual who is the best 
authority in the world on a subject. May be a genius in only one field and merely gifted in most others, or
highly gifted globally.
Rodimus Prime (Hot Rod) Scourge_________________
Prowl Soundwave
Wheeljack Hook
Repugnus Thunderwing
Countdown Swindle
Pincher Skorponok
Fixit Sparkstalker
Rad Wingspan

LEVEL 9: Brilliant; intellectually gifted.  The being's intellectual capacity 
rivals a professional who is one of seven authorities in a field of study or is an
innate genius in measurable terms (superior to 99 percent of the Earth's populace). 
Though such beings are aliens and thus aware of more sophisticated and advanced
technologies, only thier ability to make progress in such fields is being
measured here.
Ultra Magnus Starscream____________
Jazz Cyclonus
Mirage Skullgrin
Nightbeat Sixshot
First Aid Ratbat
Rewind Kickback
Skids Submarauder
Beachcomber Venom
Punch / Counterpunch

LEVEL 8.5: Unevenly gifted.  Such a being possesses an undeniable
form of innate genius in some area, but is not globally intellectually
Grimlock Ravage_____
Wreck-Gar Blast Off
Ratchet Pounce
Huffer Bludgeon
Brainstorm Chopshop
Getaway Axer

LEVEL 8: Highly Superior. The individual has the ability to process information on the 
level of the industrious college student. Such individuals have intelligence
equal to most university graduates, although being aliens they are aware of 
technology and studies more advanced than what is found on Earth.
Grapple Scrapper_______________
Highbrow Trypticon
Bumblebee / Goldbug Onslaught
Sky Lynx Buzzsaw
Metroplex Seawing
Hound Dirge
Springer Bombshell
Swerve Barrage
Defensor Mixmaster
Outback Dead End
Brawn Finback

LEVEL 7: Above Normal. This individual is the equivalent of a particularly bright high school 
graduate or college student.  Capable of grasping most concepts taught in college, but not 
globally intellectually inclined. (or) A being with sctrictly average acedemic abilities, but some 
remarkable proficiency in some technical area also fits in this category.
Kup Thundercracker
Swoop Motormaster
Ironhide Breakdown
Gears Astrotrain
Sideswipe Laserbeak
Tracks Blitzwing
Hoist Fangry
Red Alert

LEVEL 5 & 6.  Normal. Intelligence roughly equal to the average 
human. Exposure to sophisticated alien technology overlooked.
Snarl Dragstrip_______
Sunstreaker Wildrider
Trailbreaker Shrapnel
Slingshot Predaking
Cliffjumper Bruticus
Windcharger Overkill
Omega Supreme Ransack
Hardhead Thrust
Inferno Ramjet
Warpath Rumble
Wheelie Frenzy

LEVEL 4 & 3: Below Normal. These beings are no more 
intelligent than a high school student and may have 
difficulty following instructions or predicting logical 
consequences of thier actions.
Superion_____________ Skywarp
Tailgate Cutthroat
Ramhorn Tantrum
Slag Rampage
Sludge Scavenger

LEVEL 2 and below.  These individuals have serious deficits 
and are mentally challenged.  It would be difficult for such
beings to learn to read and write.  Level 1 is not sentient.
__________ Blot

*When Galvatron or Megatron go insane they lose the ability to reason on this level, at such time they are dropped to a level 9 or even 8.