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LEVEL 10++: Imeasurable. 
Primus  Unicron_

LEVEL 10+: Near incalculable (These characters can lift thousands or millions of tons easily)
Metroplex Trypticon__

LEVEL 10: Super human Class 100 (These characters can easily lift well over 100 tons.
Superion Menasor
Defensor Bruticus
Computron Abominus
Omega Supreme Devestator
Optimus Prime I, II Megatron / Galvatron* 
Grimlock Sixshot
Rodimus Prime Shockwave** 
Fortress Maximus  Skorponok 
Sky Linx Predaking
Springer Monstructor

LEVEL 9.5: Superhuman Class 90 (These characters can lift a maximum of roughly 90 to 100 tons 
with supreme effort, under optimal conditions.)
Brawn Thunderwing
Sludge Snapdragon
Snarl (in sunlight only) Skullcruncher
Slag Apeface
Ultra Magnus Shockwave** 
Hard Head Hun-Gurr
Broadside Astrotrain____________

LEVEL 9: Superhuman Class 50- These characters can lift / press in the range of 40 to 75 tons.
For a transformer this is enormous physical strength.
Jetfire (Skyfire)  Motormaster
Blaster Blot 
Inferno Bonecrusher
Pipes Cyclonus* 
Hot Spot Slugfest
Chain Claw Skullgrin
Warpath Stranglehold_____

LEVEL 8: Class 25- These characters can lift / press in the range of 10 to 30 tons.
For a transformer this is great physical strength.
Grapple Soundwave
Hoist Scrapper
Gears Long Haul
Whirl Razor Claw
Roadbuster Tantrum
Twintwist Rampage
Kup Thrust
Blades Ramjet
Ramhorn Onslaught
Steeljaw Brawl
Blades Hook
Silverbolt Scourge*
Huffer Octopunch
Swoop Blitzwing
Blades Ransack
Hosehead Mindwipe
Ironhide Horri-bull
Sideswipe Squeezeplay_

LEVEL 7: Superhuman Class 10- This is above normal strength for a transformer. 
This is a character who can lift between 2 and 10 tons with supreme effort.
Prowl Starscream
Bumblebee II Thundercracker
Blurr Skywarp
Wreck-Gar Dirge
Tracks Scavenger
Wheeljack Mixmaster
Perceptor Sharkticons
Slingshot Dead End
Bluestreak Triggerhappy
Hot Rod Misfire

LEVEL 6 & 5- This is normal strength for a transformer; equivalent to superhuman
or enhanced strength in a human and means that such a being can lift no more 
than 2 tons and only with with supreme effort.
Sunstreaker Wierdwolf
Mirage Shrapnel
Hound Runamuck 
Red Alert Octane
Jazz Runabout
Streetwise Breakdown
Eject Wildrider
Tailgate Dragstrip
Wheelie Slugslinger
Ratchet Chopshop
Sky Dive Vortex
Air Raid Ravage 
Fire Flight Swindle_____

LEVEL 4 and Below: Below normal for a transformer (still several times normal human strength).
Cliffjumper Vortex
Hubcap Frenzy 
Groove Venom
Rewind Squaktalk
Powerglide Rippersnapper
Windcharger Bombshell
Beachcomber Buzzsaw
Cosmos Blast Off
Smokescreen Kickback 
Skids Ratbat 
Seaspray Laserbeak
Bumblebee I Rumble_______

*These ratings are for Galvatron, Scourge, and Cyclonus with out the augmentation of being able to draw upon the power of Unicron.
**Shockwave has only one hand, but two arms capable of lifting, so it can be argued that he belongs in the Level 10 category because with both arms  he is that strong.  It can be argued that he belongs in the 9.5 category because he only has one hand and would have difficulty lifting with both arms.