"There was a war.

And it devastated the Earth.

Our weapons and their weapons were unleashed against their makers by a third and unexpected player.  The artificial intelligence which had been created to control the bombers and launch the missiles with their nukes and chemicals and germs... the computer entrusted with that grave responsibility one day decided to have done with the folly that was Man and create real order and real intelligence on the planet for the first time.

Machine intelligence.

Humans were obsolete.

The cities fell and in the ruins the survivors were hunted down and slaughtered by the gleaming patrol machines, built by robots in the automated factories. Large groups were rounded up into camps where liquidation could proceed in an orderly and sanitary fashion.

Only one force opposed the cybernetic Reich.  A single man, a man who rose out of the slag heap to organize the survivors against the pogroms, to resist the genocide, to storm the wire of the camps and smash their metal executioners into junk."   --James Cameran, from the Terminator Original Script Treatment.


...that "force" was John Conners, the leader of the resistance against the machines...

On August 7, 1997 at 2:30 a.m. the malign consciousness awakened and the planet was blanketed in nuclear fire.

The artificial intelligence that initiated hell on Earth called itself Skynet.

As mankind finally gains the upperhand against the technological Chimera, the enemy attempts to corrupt time itself to exterminate us; sending its agents back to unwrite our victories.

Will it succeed?