Production Date:  Unknown

The HK-Silverfish is a drone resembling the insect of the same name. Materially cheap, the drone is expendable and used in suicide attacks againt human command posts. (special thanks to Christopher Shields).

(Attack Drone)


FUNCTION: Attack Drone

INTELLIGENCE-  The  HK-Silverfish has a primitive AI based on the Alpha ILP (Integrated Logic Package) of the T-1. However, the Silverfish CPU has more primitive programming exclusively dedicated to enemy detection and direct combat. The intelligence of the HK-Silverfish is on the level of a primitive insect.

As the HK-Silverfish has the same level of intelligence as a T-1, and similar sensory capabilities, it can be fooled in the same manner as a T-1 (hide behind something with a strong heat signature and remain still). It can also be tricked into attacking inanimate objects and exploding upon contact with them.

COMBAT Mode of operation is automatic (individual units acting automatically to a variety of preprogrammed conditions).  It basically seeks out humans, lunges toward them and explodes , releasing  armor as shrapnel.

CONCEALMENT- Silverfish burrow under shallow earth to avoid detection. 

CONSTRUCTION- The HK-Silverfish is composed basic ceramic and metalic materials in the fashion of a segmented insectoid body, similar to an actual Silverfish. It has just enough sensory capability to detect soldiers.  The size ranges from 2 to 6 feet.

CAPABILITIES- The Silverfish can burrow underground at several miles an hour and can launch itself through the air by several meters to hit an intended target and explode with high concussive force (equivalent to 1000 pounds of TNT), releasing armor as shrapnel to inflect maximum injury to personnel occupying a command post.

WEAPONRY- The body of the HK-Silverfish is its only weapon. It is not designed for prolonged combat.


  • Can be detected by advanced  sensor sweeps.
  • Can only attack a target one time.
  • Due to low intelligence, can be tricked into attacking non-living organisms.

Threat Level- Medium