Production Date:  2024 - 2028  (Various  Models)

The HK-Tank is one of the largest ground based assault platforms  produced by Skynet.  The  appearance of the unit is that of a giant, treaded , humanoid  robot.  Though slow moving and  lacking in intelligence, the HK-Tank is lethally effective. It has superior firepower,  targeting range, and heavy armor. There are three primary variants:  250-A,  250-B,  and  255-D (special thanks to Christopher Shields).

(Ground Pacification)


FUNCTION: Ground Pacification (250-A & 250-D), Ground Pacification and Scout (255-D)

INTELLIGENCE-  The  HK-TANK 250-A and 250-D utilize the same Alpha  ILP (integrated logic package)  as the  original T-1.  Most of the brain power of this is directed toward the targeting systems and navigation. The intelligence is similar to that of an insect.

The  255-D is an entirely different beast in this department. It utilizes  a scaled down Neural Net Processor and is  capable of limited autonomous behavior  entailing the direction and organization of other HK units on the battlefield. Although sophisticated, the  nonvolatile memory is set to read only, which means that  it is not self aware, nor capable of  true independent thought.  Additionally, the programming of the 255-D is does not  take advantage of the advanced hardware of the Neural Net  CPU and is similar in many respects to the programming of the T-700 and T-600 Hunter Killers. The brain of the T-255D is the forerunner of the one used in the Centurion.

The CPU of the 255-D has a suicide feature and cannot be removed without being destroyed, rendering it infeasible to reprogram or re-engineer. Despite being slightly less massive and more lightly armored than its siblings, the intelligence of the 255-D makes it the most lethal variant of the HK-Tank.

3 modes of operation:

  • direct (directed by Skynet defense computers like soldiers in a war game);
  • automatic (individual units acting automatically to a variety of preprogrammed conditions); and
  • autonomous (single units relinquished to their own control acting independently)

CONCEALMENT- Not applicable.

CONSTRUCTION- The HK-Tank stands just over 10 meters tall, just over 10 meters wide, and weighs approximately 40 tons.  It is slightly humanoid in appearance. It is an autonomous mobile weapons platform with hyperalloy armored plating. The units have tank treads with multiple wheeled tracks for effective grip over loose terrain. Mounted above the track is a robotic torso with a head (laser targeting system), and two arms permanently attached to plasma weapons. The top half of the robot has a 360 degree range of motion and can target upward and downward, allowing it to target enemies from all sides. The head of the Terminator possesses a variety of auditory, heat, and motion sensors for destroying multiple targets.

Construction incorporates advanced drive train and transmission system powering four sets of caterpillar treads. The 250 models are powered by two reactors (one for locomotion and one for the weapons systems). If one reactor goes off line, the remaining reactor can take over both functions, though this is less efficient.

The HK-Tank 250 models and the HK-Tank 255 model look essentially identical (from the front). However, the 255 has only two sets of caterpillar treads, not four. The armor is also constructed of a lighter form of hyperalloy to enable it to travel faster.  The 255D weights only fifteen tons.

CAPABILITIES- Not particularly fast (no more than 45 mph), but can traverse most forms of terrain. The 255 Scout variant can hit considerably higher speeds due to its lighter weight. The sensor suite of the HK-Tank consists of optical cameras and highly sensitive infra-red scanners.  It is sometimes linked via transmission to aerial HKs which grant it the ability to fire accurately at targets beyond its field of vision. The 255-D has a more advanced optical suite which includes heat sensors, night vision, telescopic vision).

WEAPONRY- The 250-A is armed with two linked pairs of reactor fed rapid fire Westinghouse Model 25D3 phased plasma guns.  These are located on the end of its gun arms (not its front mounted grappling arms). The 250-D has double plasma guns in place of the single of the 250-A. For all practical purposes the firepower is infinite and capable of obliterating any form of armor used by the resistance.


  • The 250-A & 250-D have low intelligence and are slow moving. Though very difficult to destroy, the fact that they make such an easy target allows for weaknesses in the design to be exploited with high powered explosives.
  • The 255-D (Scout) is somewhat less resistant to damage than its siblings, but makes for a much more difficult target and has the aritifical intelligence to protect itself more adequately. This is actually the most dangerous of the trio.

Threat Level- 250 models (High), 255 model (Very High)