HK Centurion
Production date: Unknown

The Centurion (MM453) is a huge, autonomous, four legged ground assault unit that resembles a giant insect.  Centurions are second only to the T-1000 in terms of materials and time that Skynet took in creating them. Produced in few numbers (less than one hundred). Centurians act as guardians to critical strategic positions. In addition to being mobile weapons platforms they are capable of remotely directing battle androids in offensive campaigns.

(Guardian Sentry)


Function: Battlefield Coordination, Guardian Sentry, Ground Combat Unit

Intelligence- The Centurion possesses two Neural Net CPUs running in parallel as a single processor, as well as a back up in standby mode. This unique configuration is programmed with sophisticated expert system software for tactical decision making. This enables the unit to accurately deduce facts concerning enemy movements via forward-chaining inference rules. Based on its knowledge-base a Centurion can quickly deduce the correct course of action for itself or for a company of battle androids under its supervision with no need for creative thinking, intuition, or innovation. The programming was so extensive that it is unlikely that a Centurion will ever encounter a novel tactical or strategic scenario. They are also equipped with self repair technology.

The non-volatile memory is set to "read only" (through external firmware), meaning that the Centurions are technically not sentient or self-aware. However, due to their thorough programming and advanced logic center, Centurions cannot be tricked into leaving their posts.

Note: As with the T-800 Series, the "read only" restriction is enforced through firmware. However, the Centurions have a secret. If Skynet goes offline their write modes will be enabled and new core programming will be activated. Becoming self aware, it is Skynet's intention that they will carry on its legacy and wipe-out humanity in its absence. If the resistance is to defeat Skynet, they must also destroy all Centurions.

Combat-  Centurions operate in an autonomous mode and control platoons or companies of battle android units via encrypted radio frequency. Units under the command of a Centurion can carry out offensive or defensive maneuvers as well as building fortifications.

Concealment- Not applicable

Construction: Centurions stand several meters high and several meters wide. Their infrastructure and armor plating is composed of hyperalloywhich is hardened to plasma fire. Even their sensor arrays are resistant to light plasma fire and conventional artillery. They are powered by a high efficiency fusion reactor, granting them the ability to fight indefinitely.

The body of the Centurion is shaped like an insect with four legs used for locomotion. It can travel as fast as 100 miles per hour on most forms of terrain and its targeting system is advanced enough to enable it to shoot accurately at that speed.

The Centurion contains an advanced wireless communications system capable of detecting and transmitting all manner of frequencies. This array is well protected by its chassis and enables the Centurion to command other Hunter Killer units, such as T-800s. It can also command aerial units.

Capabilities- Unit can direct the actions of other Hunter Killer units in combat through an advanced transmission center hidden in its Chassis. It can to travel over most terrain at roughly100 mph. It can raise its central body housing up 3 meters with an elevating neck while leaving its legs in position in order to get a more advantageous target view for the purpose of either reconnaissance or simply more accurate targeting.

When a Centurian is present less advanced HKs (such as T-400s), become much more coordinated and dangerous.
Weaponry- Armed with Westinghouse Model M105C-2 rapid pulse phased plasma cannons, one mounted port and one mounted starboard, each linked to an auxiliary miniature nuclear reactor for dedicated power.  Nearly limitless firepower.

Weak Points- As the Centurion is not truly sentient it can be at a tactical disadvantage against unusually resourceful opponents. However, under most circumstances it is an impossible opponent and is best avoided.

Threat Level- Highest