T-100 (AKA T-1; Autonomous Ground Offensive System)
Production date: Prior to 2004

The T-100 was developed by Sky-Net when it served as an artificial intelligence tool of the company known as Cyberdyne or (CRS).  Its technology is based on the recovered research of late Dr. Miles Bennet Dyson that was at one time thought destroyed by "terrorists".  It had an insect like brain, was autonomous, heavily armored, and carried twin high velocity gattling guns.  As several thousand units had already been created by the time of the nuclear holocaust, Sky-Net immediately had its first recruits for a new army to deploy against humanity in the aftermath of the world-wide atomic carnage.  Unlike, the T-70, the T-100 utilized cost effective materials and was easier to produce on a mass scale, and thus humans after the holocaust became quite familiar with them.


The T-1 (or T-100) was about as well camouflaged as an elephant at a tea party.  These mechanical creatures stood nearly 9 feet tall and weighed at least a ton each.  The T-100 was not bipedal, it utilized treads to haul around its enormous mass, and therefore it was inevitably conspicuous.


Though not particularly fast or maneuverable, the T-1 could tread over rugged terrain, was highly fuel efficient, and durable to conventional fire power.  It was not bipedal as the T-70 prototypes, but utilized tank like treads.

It had a primitive sensory array similar to that of the T-400.  It seemed to detect motion more than actually discriminate specific targets.


The T-1 had an insect like brain that only utilized very primitive aspects of the neural net processor envisioned by its late creator.  However, the units could be controlled directly by Sky-Net, at which time they were capable of sophisticated, organized behavior.  Autonomously, they were essentially giant aggressive insects that would aggressively pursue and destroy anything in thier path once activated.


Though highly durable, the T-1 had certain areas, such as its treads, were its hydraulics were exposed making it vulnerable to precise hits by enemy weapon fire.

It was also stupid and dangerous to other terminators, as its primitive brain was not powerful enough to discriminate between targets.


Although the weaponry of the T-1 is primitive by Terminator standards, it had plenty of it.  It carried twin high velocity gattling guns and stored a great deal of ammo within its heavily armored chassis.

T-100 Efficiency Ratings

Intelligence: *
Maneuverability: **
Endurance: ***
Strength: ***
Weaponry: ***