T-X Series

Production Date:  2029

The T-X may be one of Skynet's last hunterkillers.  It was created for the purpose of fighting rogue Terminators that were thwarting Skynet's attempts to re-boot the timestream. The T-X has no biological components and is not a cyborg. It possesses polymimetic alloy skin to mimic organic tissue, a huge cache of built-in weaponry, and the ability to hijack computers via futuristic nano-technology. Though obviously inferior to the T-1000, the T-X is easier to control and less likely to turn on Skynet itself.  It is also formidably armed. There were only a handful of T-X prototypes produced (only two known of by the resistance).

(Temporal Warfare)

FUNCTION: Temporal Warfare, Terminator Destroyer

INTELLIGENCE- The T-X possesses some variant of the 900 Series Neural Net CPU. This CPU is nearly identical to the brain of the T-800. However, the 900 series has undergone a dye shrink making it more power efficient and resilient. It has more detailed files than the former models. The 900 series CPU was granted the most extensive and detailed files for military tactics. The caching system of volatile memory is much faster in the T-X series than in the T-800 series, granting it faster reaction time and an improved ability to formulate tactical maneuvers. The programming is extensive enough that it is unlikely that the T-X will encounter a novel tactical scenario. Based on its knowledge base it can quickly deduce the correct course of action (via expert system software) with no need for creative thinking, intuition, or innovation.

Even so, the T-X apparently had write mode enabled, enabling it to learn from experiences and develop self awareness. In the case of the T-X, self awareness produced emotions such as arrogance and impatience. These emotions resulted in the T-X not actually learning very much from its experiences and behaving very much like it would if it was not self aware to begin with.

5 modes of operation:
  • direct (directed by Skynet defense computers like soldiers in a war game);
  • hive (directed by Skynet itself with the individual soldiers acting as an increment in a larger collective hive-mind);
  • automatic (individual units acting automatically to a variety of preprogrammed conditions);
  • autonomous (single units relinquished to their own control acting independently); and
  • rogue (fully self-aware units relinquished to their own control acting independently).
CONCEALMENT- Non-sentient mimetic polyalloy coating covering plasma hardened, hyperalloy endoskeleton. Can take the form of any human being of approximately average height.  The T-X could slightly adjust its height as needed.

The T-X is essentially a T-950 with heavier armor that has had the flesh encasing replaced with non-sentient polymimetic alloy. The T-X can detach the torso from the lower body at will, and likely the head from the torso as well (controlling the detached components via encrypted radio transmission).

The T-X is equipped with a hyperalloy battle chassis that has been hardened to withstand plasma weaponry. It has more points of articulation than previous endoskeletons making it extremely agile. The T-X uses a non-sentient mimetic polyalloy coating which allows it to take on the appears of any human being (within reason). The T-X endoskeleton can adjust to slightly different heights to assist with this illusion. This coating also allows the T-X to travel through Skynets time portals while concealing internal weaponry (listed under 'Weaponry' below). The T-X can use Nanotechnological Transjectors which implant microscopic nonobots under the control of the T-X into computers, allowing the T-X to control them remotely. It can even take over rogue Terminators and re-program them.

CAPABILITIES- In addition to the above listed capabilities, the T-X has many features. The hydraulic system and power source (an iridium power cell) allow for the hyper alloy battle chassis of the T-X to be increidbly strong and durable.  It can left several tons without even straining the infrastructure of the endoskeleton. It can run as fast as 35 miles per hour for extended periods with no significant wear on its hydraulic systems or servo-mechanisms, and can sprint as fast as a car at high speed. Due to the increased tensile strength of the T-X endoskeleton it is stronger than any T-800 model (however, T-850s are capable of withstanding it due to their similar plasma hardened armor). The T-X is equipped with a superior sensory suite including night vision and telescopic vision. It can see into the infrared and ultraviolet portion of the light spectrum which is invisible to humans. It can also detect microwave and radio transmissions. The T-X has olfactory senses (taste and smell) which are comporable to those of advanced predators.

The weaponry of the T-X is probably its greatest asset as it can effectively carry weapons from the future that its oponents cannot hope to match. For example, a T-X was once able to vaporize an unarmed 1000 Series android with its onboard plasma cannon.


WEAPONRY- Can utilize any known weapon and....

..the T-X has the following built in weaponry:
  • M41 pulse rifle
  • 783 CHAIN Repeater
  • ADMOR BioBlaster
  • Automatic Stopper (.223)
  • BioRail 32SR-9 (modified)
  • Cascader (.45)
  • CG45 Needler
  • CONSIGLIO EBlaster
  • Crescent Corridor Blaster
  • EMP Generator
  • Finite Rapid Cluster Gun
  • HDE Predator (333b)
  • HK-54334 (modified)
  • IAD ChemTech Flamethrower
  • KLD-Magnum Repeater
  • M41A pulse rifle
  • Nanobots (for hacking into computer systems)
  • Nanotechnological Transjectors
  • Nano-Disrupter (.222)
  • Plasma Cannon
  • P31 Caustic Shells x231
  • Laser X-ray Burst Gun
  • Rumsfeld P31 Caustic
  • Subaru Neutralizer (.444)
  • Tracking EBlaster
  • TWIN Barrier Gun


  • Though apparently sentient and self-aware, the T-X did not demonstrate much in the way of innovative thinking, nor did it seem to learn from its encounters with the T-850.
  • The T-X exhibited emotional weakness, such as arrogance and impatience due to the fact that it did not appreciate the significance of its emotions and did not understand how to properly manage them or integrate them into its performance. The prototype T-1000 had a similar weakness.
  • The T-X has almost none of the advantages of the T-1000.

THREAT LEVEL- Very high.