Production Date: Unknown

The HK Flying Mini Hunter was a small flying autonomous android spy.  There were many variations and models.  Early models had no weaponry, but later models were formidably armed and aggressive.  Its function was to gather intelligence for reconnaissance and counter intelligence.  Later models were also used hunt down and eliminate humans.  These units served as nearly soundless assassins and as scouts for large combat units.  Nicknamed "flying broom sticks" by the resistance.


The flying mini hunter was an autonomous unit with a fairly advanced CPU, necessary for accurately gathering information.  Other than its CPU it was a fairly simplistic and practical design. These units sensors were also securely linked to orbiting Sky-Net satellites, providing Sky-Net with direct perception of its enemies whereabouts.


The Flying Mini Hunter was originally equipped with no weaponry (although this point is argued), but later models (past 2026) had a front mounted miniature submachine gun.   It could accurately fire at moving targets at high speeds.  It would be reasonable to assume that some variations of the unit were armed with biological warfare agents as well.   If the Mini Hunter is captured it self-destructs.


Its flight was powered by anti-gravity technology and its maneuverability controlled by a single, nearly noiseless rotor which generated lift to steer the unit precisely. Powered by a miniature reactor, the unit was capable of attaining speeds of over 180 mph, but with limited range.  Flying Mini Hunters were sometimes deployed in small numbers from large Aerial HK units and sometimes independently.

The sensory array of the HK- Flying Mini Hunter was highly advanced and included heat detection, motion detection, night vision, and telescopic vision.  Its hearing was enormously acute, being able to detect even minute sound waves and vibrations. It was also capable of jamming and eavesdropping on all manner of communication transmissions.  It could accurately fire at moving targets at high speeds.


Due to its small size and simplicity of design, the Flying Mini Hunter was not heavily armored and was susceptible to conventional artillery fire, though its speed and erratic movement made it a very difficult target.  It was powered by a high capacity internal micro reactor, giving it an operational life of 6 months before needing to refuel.   If the Mini Hunter is captured it self-destructs.


Intelligence: ***
Weaponry: ***
Speed & Maneuverability: *****