Production Date: Unknown

The HK-Flying Mini Hunters (Series 1200 Scout) are small, flying, autonomous surveillance androids. Nicknamed "flying brooms" by the resistance due to their shape when armed. There are both armed and unarmed variants. When they first appear it is normally for intelligence gathering purposes and they are typically not armed at that stage. In the same context, if they re-appear days or weeks later, they will be armed so that they can exploit the intelligence they have gathered and eliminate specific targets in the resistance chain of command.

(Series 1200 Scout)


Function- Scout, Reconnaissance, Search & Destroy

Intelligence- Flying Mini-Hunters utilize the same series 800-S series CPU found in the T-700 Terminator, which is quite advanced. However, the Mini-Hunters have more advanced programming that actually takes advantage of the 800 Series architecture. Their software is geared toward aerial navigation, GPS, and skills essential for intelligence gathering, while the T-700 programming is geared toward combat and is based on the primitive T-70/T-600 combat programming.

Combat-  Autonomous (single units relinquished to their own control acting independently). They are securely linked to satellites and transmit all observed data (unless their frequencies are jammed). Their pattern is to gather intelligence on one mission, then return at a later time and eliminate specific targets.

Concealment- Though not disguised, most models are little larger than a Frisbee. Their means of flight is fairly soundless (little more than a hum at close distance). As they possess night vision and telescoping vision, they can observe targets in complete darkness without being detected.

Construction- Not heavily armored, susceptible to conventional arms fire. Flight is powered by anti-gravity technology, while motion is controlled by a single rotor to generate lift for precise steering. Powered by internal micro-reactor.  Though simply designed, the elements of technology incorporated in these units is highly advanced.

Capabilities- Capable of speeds of 180 mph. Powered by a internal micro-reactor which requires refueling after six months. Capable of extremely evasive maneuvering.  Can easily be deployed from various Aerial HK units due to their small size, increasing their range. They are extremely difficult targets to hit due to their small surface area and high maneuverability.

Advanced sensory array includes heat detection, motion detection, night vision, telescopic vision, chemical/olfactory air sampling capacity, acute audio detection (accurate up to several miles), radio frequency decryption & interception. The Mini-Hunter can also jam many forms of telecommunications signals.

They completely self destruct when caught.

Weaponry- Weaponry is based on the purpose for which they were deployed. In a scouting mission they are typically unarmed. When the units are later deployed to seek specific targets they are typically armed with a miniature submachine gun and they can hit targets accurately at high speed.

Weak Points-
Low durability. The best way to destroy them is either damage their environment to crush or trap them, or to capture them in a large cage or net (which will cause them to self destruct). Their maneuverability makes them almost impossible targets to actually shoot unless the sniper happens to be a rogue Terminator (which they will not detect as an enemy). Never-the-less, some humans have managed to snipe Mini-Hunters.

Threat Level- Very high.