T-1 Series (Autonomous Ground Offensive System)
Production date: Prior to 2004

The T-1 was developed by Cyberdyne or (CRS).  The technology is based on the recovered research of late Dr. Miles Bennet Dyson who was at one time thought to have been assassinated by "terrorists" (with his research destroyed).  Several hundred units had already been created by the time of the nuclear event, which gave Skynet a crude new army to deploy against humanity in the aftermath.  The T-1utilized simple to procure materials and was easy to produce on a mass scale (which is exactly what Skynet did). Survivors became quite familiar with the T-1, which would continue to be used for over a decade and even refit by Skynet with more effective armor and targetting systems.

(Autonomous Weapons Platform)

(Refit w/ Improved Armor)

: Autonomous Mobile Weapons Platform, Security; HK Tank Sofware Prototyping

INTELLIGENCE- The T-1 utilizes a working prototype artificial intelligence CPU, the Alpha ILP (Integrated Logic Package), based on some of the concepts of the Neural Net CPU later seen in Terminator hunter killer models. However, it  is manufactured on a modern day fabrication process, has only basic features, and consequently is less than one thousandth as powerful as a real Neural Net Learning Computer. It is still immensely advanced by modern standards.

Most of the processing power of the T-1 is directed toward navigation and targeting for the weapons systems. Problem solving capabilities are roughly equivalent to an insect. It should be noted that although the T-1 is only as intelligent as an insect, insects have been around for millions of years. The T-1 doesn't need to outsmart you, it just needs to shoot you.

3 modes of operation:
  • direct (directed by Skynet defense computers like soldiers in a war game);
  • automatic (individual units acting automatically to a variety of preprogrammed conditions); and
  • autonomous (single units relinquished to their own control acting independently)
CONCEALMENT- Not applicable.

CONSTRUCTION- Slightly humanoid in appearance. The T-1 is an autonomous mobile weapons platform with titanium reinforced armored plating. The units have tank treads with multiple wheeled tracks for effective grip over loose terrain. Mounted above the track is a robotic torso with a head (laser targeting system), and two arms permanently attached to mini guns. The top half of the robot has a 360 degree range of motion and can target upward and downward, allowing it to target enemies from all sides. The head of the Terminator possesses a variety of auditory, heat, and motion sensors for destroying multiple targets.

By 2018, T-1s had been refit with improved armor and amphibious capability.

WEAPONRY- Carries two General Electric .50-caliber mini guns capable of firing 3000 depleted uranium rounds per minute. The guns are directed by an onboard suite of radar, infrared, and optical sensors.

CAPABILITIES- The T-1 is a primitive but effective tool that is easily produced in large numbers. Though not particularly intelligent or agile, when one runs into the T-1, one normally runs to many of them. The greatest threat of the T-1 is in numbers, not in the quality of the individual units. Although the weapons are crude, they are very effective and capable of piercing armor.

  • Fairly stupid.
  • Slow moving.
  • There are several areas of the android that are vulnerable to enemy fire, particularly the sides of the tank treads and the head and arm assemblies.
    • Note: By 2018 these units were refit with armor that addressed most of these weaknesses.
  • The targeting system of the terminator is very primitive and to defeat it all one has to do is remain quiet, still, and mask the heat signature by standing next to a source of heat like an engine, furnace, fire, etc.
  • Although the Terminator can traverse all manner of flat terrain it cannot climb or navigate fields of jagged debris (nor can it enter small spaces or climb stairs).
    • Note: By 2018 the T-1s had been modified to be amphibious.