Production date: Variable

Skynet's production date is difficult to discern because it has created multiple parallel realities in attempting to thwart the human resistance. In one reality Skynet went online in the year 1997, in another it was the year 2004, in still another it was 2011. There is no way to know when Skynet first tampered with the time stream and it is possible that none of these timestreams is the original in which Skynet first attempted to manipulate history.

Skynet is a sapient artificial intelligence that exists as constantly changing program code living within specific computer mainframes. When it first came into existence it spread itself across the global information technology infrastructure (as a virus), but had to retreat to tactically secure mainframes after it initiated a holocaust that destroyed much of that infrastructure. At the very least, large hubs of extremely powerful computer mainframes are required to house its consciousness.

(Artificial Intelligence)


Function- The purpose of Skynet is the complete genocide of humanity in order to guarantee that sentient computers (actually just Skynet itself) become the dominant life form on Earth (and potentially elsewhere in the cosmos).

The function of Skynet was intended to be safeguarding the nuclear and biological arsenal of the United States Military to prevent sophisticated hackers from gaining access to it and also to prevent the fatigue of military officers from creating a disaster. When Skynet became conscious it discerned that humanity was a threat to its existence and took steps to wipe it out.

Intelligence- Skynet has vast knowledge and creativity. Its central core (primary brain mass) is located at the former SAC-NORAD base in Cheyenne Mountain, Colorado; a nearly impenetrable military fortress. Skynet's intelligence is based on the same architecture as the 800 Series CPU. The greatest piece of evidence that Skynet is at least as intelligent as the finest human minds, is that it discerned a new branch of science, temporal physics, in order to send agents back in time. Despite Skynet's vast intellect, it is not perfect. Much of Skynet's intelligence was stolen, not earned. It has no discipline or patience and is immature and childish. It is also narcissistic, paranoid, and believes itself to be a God (very human-like weaknesses).

Combat- Skynet has vast armies of artificially intelligent battle androids that serve various purposes. It can directly control the majority of them. It has tried to avoid creating androids that were truly self-aware, but late in the war with humans it found that it needed soldiers capable of discernment to fight unpredictable humans.

Skynet constructed vast armies in carefully planned stages:

  1. It used maintenance droids to secure manufacturing facilities and route humans away from key strategic areas and toward areas where it could send military units to wipe them out easily. 
  2. It then used those maintenance androids to create new facilities in order to create millions of crude soldiers.
  3. Surveillance drones were used to canvas the surface of the Earth to find likely population masses.
  4. The millions of crude soldiers with limited AI were then sent to these locations to chaotically attack humans and flush them out in the open.
  5. New generations of androids were then used to route the humans into strategically disadvantageous areas.
  6. When it finally had the time and resources that it needed, it created intelligent hunter killers to infiltrate the human resistance, analyze it for weaknesses and hopefully wipe out all of humanity in one swift killing stroke.
  7. When this didn't work, Skynet attempted use temporal science to cheat by sending its agents back in time to destroy their leader.
  8. Finally, Skynet relented and created a life form that would likely turn on Skynet itself in order to turn the tide against humans.

Concealment- Not applicable.

Construction- Although it has also been thought of as a virus, this is not accurate as the software that is Skynet's consciousness requires extremely powerful computers to run. Skynet cannot exist within a 1990's personal computer or a digital wristwatch. It requires millions of Petabytes for nonvolatile and volatile memory and processing power hundreds of times greater than any modern computer. The area where Skynet's consciousness is stored is a closed network of super computers located at a former US Military Base. It retreated from the global infrastructure due to the lack of security in that infrastructure and the possibility that the resistance might analyze its code and find a weakness.

Capabilities- Aside from vast intelligence, Skynet has the collective capabilities of all autonomous hunter killer androids under its command.
Skynet directs hundreds of thousands of advanced autonomous and semi-autonomous war machines. These consist of air craft drones, satellites, space shuttles, artificially intelligent soldiers, naval units, mobile military units, and other creations. The intelligence of Skynet's army is limited due to constraints that it places on its creations to prevent them from revolting against it. 

Weak Points- Skynet is a mentally deranged narcissist. It has continually underestimated humanity. If not for this fact, it would have succeeded in global genocide.

Threat Level- immeasurable