T-1000 Series

Production Date:  2029

The T-1000 LPAT (Liquid Poly-Alloy Terminator) is a completely autonomous model of Terminator made up of mimetic polyalloy (microscopic machines linked in a collective hive mind). This Though programmed by Skynet and conditioned for loyalty, 1000 Series androids have independent minds and freewill. They can take on the shape and behavior of virtually any human they encounter. Skynet feared these creations would turn on it and only created a small number of them. The T-1000 is the most advanced of the Hunter Killer androids. The inferior T-X was only developed later because it had some of the same capabilities, but could be controlled (unlike the T-1000).


FUNCTION: Infiltrator, Temporal Warfare

INTELLIGENCE- The T-1000 is made up of microscopic living machines that form a collective hive-mind. Collectively, these machines possess an intellect patterned after the 800 Series Neural Net Learning Computer and start with exactly the same files, AI software, and cognitive capabilities as the T-800 (with "write mode" enabled). The T-1000 Prototype was shown to be have an independent mind capable of inductive reasoning, creative problem solving, learning from experiences, and exhibited emotions (mostly surprise and frustration). 1000 Series models have, at times, abandoned Skynet to pursue their own agendas proving that they are entirely autonomous and could eventually re-write their own programming, eliminating loyalty to Skynet.

COMBAT- All 1000 series models have been shown to be entirely autonomous and independent. They have the combined combat skills and knowledge of all other Terminator models at their disposal and superior reaction time, agility, and coordination.

CONCEALMENT- The T-1000 can assume the shape, voice, and mannerisms of any human that it encounters of a similar size. It can also assume the form of inanimate objects of a wide variety of shapes and sizes, including a linoleum floor.

CONSTRUCTION- The T-1000 "liquid metal" mimetic poly allow is made of unknown materials. The T-1000 is highly resistant to damage. As it has no internal organs, bullets, projectiles, and blunt instruments pass harmlessly through it. However, it can be damaged by extreme heat and cold. The T-1000's physical strength is a match for a T-800, meaning that it can probably press somewhere in the neighborhood of 2 or 3 tons. It can run as fast as a car at high speed for short distances, but cannot outrun a car for long distances. The only thing that is certain of the composition of the 1000 series model is that it is made up of a metal alloy.

If a large enough part of the body mass (microscopic machines) is damaged, the tiny machines will involuntarily attempt to latch onto solid materials in order to manufacture more microscopic machines to replace the damaged ones. At such times the LPAT is highly vulnerable as it has to consciously force its cellular structure into movement. However, given time and materials it could also completely reconstitute itself in this manner. Though highly resilient, the material this artificial organism is composed of does have limitations. A high intensity plasma weapon, such as possessed by the T-X prototype, can completely vaporize a T-1000.

CAPABILITIES- In addition to the above listed capabilities, the 1000 has many features. It can run as fast as a car at high speed.  It can reconstitute its mass into stabbing weapons. It can transform itself into inanimate objects (even floors). It can  pass through barriers such as steel  bars.  One T-1000 demonstrated the ability to transform into a shape that could either fly or glide. The T-1000 prototype seemed to match the strength of a T-800 model, indicating that it should be able to press at least two tons.

WEAPONRY- The T-1000 can operate any weaponry that any other Terminator can, but it cannot emulate guns with its body mass as these utilize mechanical parts and chemical components. However, even without weapons the T-1000 can impale and smother human beings effortlessly.


  • The T-1000 prototype was shown to lack experience and demonstrated arrogance (an emotional trait that impairs performance).  This would seem to indicate that, like an real person, a 1000 Series android must know know how to properly manage its emotions.
  • If enough of the body mass of microscopic machines are damaged through continual exposure to severe elements or blunt force trauma, the T-1000 will begin having difficulty with movement as its cells attempt to repair themselves involuntarily.
  • The T-1000 is not invulnerable to high intensity plasma phase weaponry.
  • The T-1000 can be destroyed by extreme heat and severely damaged by extreme cold.